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Successful Lesbian Tiktokers You Should Follow

In recent years, the world of social media has exploded as influencers have taken center stage. From Instagram to YouTube and Twitter, content creators have been able to make a living from their creative endeavors and showcase their skills to a global audience. Among those frontrunners for success are lesbian TikTokkers who have used the platform to not only entertain but to also spread awareness about LGBT issues and break down stereotypes about same-sex relationships.

In this article we explore some of the most popular lesbian TikTokers, looking at how they’re tackling these issues head-on, propagating acceptance and creating an incredibly diverse and vibrant community that is inspiring countless others around the world. From makeup tutorials to funny skits, there’s no shortage of talent in this category and it’s easy to see why these YouTubers are so beloved by their audience. So let’s take a look at who’s shaking up the scene and breaking barriers.

Brianamariexo Tiktok

Brianamariexo: The Competitive Dancer Who Talks About Life

@brianamariexo is a competitive dancer, artist, and queer creator on TikTok who enjoys singing karaoke while sharing her daily life experiences on her page. From sharing funny stories about dating as a lesbian to showing off her dance skills in hilariously creative videos set to music from King Princess or other queer icons like Troye Sivan or Janelle Monáe—Brianamaria’s content always offers an honest take on living life as a lesbian.

She has over 1 million followers thanks to her unique blend of comedy combined with personal stories that capture people’s hearts—including genuine conversations about her girlfriend @alliemariegraphics or candid moments with her sisters. Another favorite category for audiences is when she shares clips from court appearances addressing homophobic slurs directed towards her by strangers. Her memorable dialogue helps address the reality of being a queer woman in an era where more inclusive dialogues around these topics still needs mainstream attention.

Hailey Kim: Making Lesbian Jokes & Discussing Politics

@hailey.kim isn’t afraid to tackle serious issues with her comedic flair —from jokes about being canceled for coming out as bisexual, to clips about supporting Black Lives Matter protestors despite bigoted comments she gets online. She takes viewers through funny skits that illustrate the ridiculousness of everyday life (like pretending to be Jesus talking to disciples) while blending it in quite naturally with heavier topics such as political discussions regarding current events; it’s easy to see why she’s racked up over 6 million followers since joining TikTok 3 years ago!

Beyond entertaining others, Hailey also occasionally uses her platform for activism purposes; one of her most popular videos was a collaboration with @mattbonnet highlighting intersectional oppression that highlighted times when Asian Americans get racially profiled due to their perceived proximity between East Asian countries and capitalist centers like China or Japan before delving into complex cultural ideas around language barriers among other issues facing Asian diasporic communities today.

Ashley McNulty Tiktok

Ashley McNulty: Bringing Awareness To LGBTQ+ Issues Through Humor

At over 4 million followers strong – @ashley_mcnulty is one of the most popular lesbians on TikTok right now whose hilarious skits never fail to disappoint! Whether it’s creating original comedic characters such as “Lesbian Jesus” or “Nurse Tox,” Ashley often brands herself as a sort-of spokesperson for queer rights which has earned her millions of fans eager to watch her latest content every week —and while many enjoy just seeing how she makes fun of heterosexual couples by juxtaposing them against same-sex couples through jokey skits—Ashley also takes time out occasionally discuss topical queer issues around mental health awareness among other important conversations within today’s globalized social landscape – all done through lighthearted humor meant not only engage audiences but also break down the stigma surrounding LGBT+ relationships and wider socio-political issues without making things seem too preachy! So tune into Ashley’s channel if you’re feeling thirsty cause trust us; you won’t regret it!

EmilyGMitchell: Bringing A Sporty Vibe To TikTok

@emilygmitchell is an out-and-proud lesbian on TikTok who creates funny skits around topics ranging from being married to your best friend to her love for sports! Born out of a career as a competitive tennis player—Emily’s skillful editing has made her one of the leading creators among sporty lesbians on TikTok. Above all else, though she wants her content to spread happiness so it’s no surprise that viewers always flock back to her page for their daily dose of laughs!

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Beyond comedy-related clips; Emily is also very vocal about LGBTQ issues such as coming out stories or misconceptions surrounding monogamous same-sex relationships. Her refreshingly honest take on these topics combined with hilarious content which shows off her creative side (like making Tennis ‘rally’ film scenes inspired by classic romantic comedies!) make her page truly stand out from the crowd. Not to mention; Emily often uses fun props such as live spiders or cute animal hats – so be sure to keep an eye out for those when tuning into one of her videos!

@lgbtq.couple: Smashing Stereotypes As A Lesbian Couple & Parents

The account @lgbtq.couple is run by two women – Martha & Keren – who document their journey into parenthood as a lesbian couple living in Mexico City (where civil unions between same-sex couples were legalized back in 2010). The duo provides followers with an honest take on what it’s like raising kids while having a same-sex relationship – from dealing with microaggressions from strangers on the street to making cute music videos that showcase their children’s incredible talents! They even share candid moments from attending pride parades together where viewers get an inside look at how young queer people are portrayed differently in both cities across Latin America and other parts of the world too!

Though Martha & Keren primarily use their page solely for entertainment purposes; they don’t shy away from using it as a platform to hammer home some really important points either – such as emphasizing that loving relationships come in all shapes & sizes: whether its gay couples or straight ones – there’s no right or wrong way when it comes down to loving someone else regardless of gender identity! Likewise; they bring awareness towards issues such as homophobia within less accepting societies which ultimately speaks volumes when considering just how far we still have left to go before full LGBT+ acceptance can become commonplace worldwide.

Gabrielle Moss: Addressing Mental Health In Thoughtful Skits

Last but certainly not least is @gabrielle.moss whose cozy vibes coupled with heartfelt skits encourage viewers not only to laugh but think critically about wider conversations going on around them too! Despite facing various judgemental comments online regarding her sexuality (as many other queer creators can relate to); Gabrielle presses ever onwards creating thoughtful skits covering ideas such as mental health stigmas surrounding substance abuse and depression—proving beyond any reasonable doubt just how powerful art through video can be when used correctly —especially when queer voices are involved!

Gabrielle embraces all walks of life on her page – something which goes beyond breaking societal conventions but rather normalizing them instead (such as by featuring interracial couples, disabled people, etc) all without losing sight of why she started creating content in the first place i.e tapping into people’s emotions through storytelling; proving how powerful humorous skit performances can be even whilst tackling heavy issues head-on which might otherwise feel intimidating for some audiences if approached more directly in traditional forms like written articles.



@LGBTQ.LOVEE_ is a popular TikTok account that provides support for young members of the LGBTQ+ community. They feature videos on everything from coming out stories to dance challenges to art tutorials featuring queer people. This page also features advice on how to navigate relationships with family members who may not be supportive of your identity.

Sisters Doing It For Themselves

@LesbianCoupleGoals is run by two sisters who love sharing bits about their lives with their followers. From funny skits about being in a relationship together as lesbians to exploring different cultures through food-making videos — this dynamic duo makes sure to keep every viewer entertained!

Parenting With Pride

@LesbianCouple is proof that there’s always room for positivity in our society— even when times are tough! This account follows a lesbian couple raising children while battling stereotypes imposed by society along the way. We can learn so much from watching their journey as they post vlogs and other fun content showing what it’s like to raise kids as lesbians!

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Queer Women Taking Over TikTok

In recent months we’ve seen more queer women gaining fame on TikTok for creating highly entertaining sketches about topics ranging from body image issues to politics which definitely adds diversity into the mix! A few of our favorite queer female tiktokers include @queen_montana_x3who describes herself as an “actor/activist/musician”; @candyflossqueenwhomakes really fun comedic death metal comedy videos; and @emilystynedrawingswho shows us her amazing illustrations which bring light into dark places.

LGBTQ+ Pride

@LGBTQ.PRIDE is an account dedicated to celebrating the beauty of being queer. From coming-out stories to dance challenges featuring other queer women — this page is filled with inspiring posts that will remind you why it’s so wonderful to be different.

Love Is Love

@LesbianLove_Official is an account dedicated to spreading positive messages about what it means to love another woman. This page features fun videos that explore topics such as body positivity for lesbians, discussions about relationships between two partners of the same gender, light-hearted debates about problems within the LGBT community itself — and most importantly — sweet moments between two loving girlfriends that make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside!

A Lesbian Couple On The Rise

@LesbianCoupleVideos follows a popular lesbian couple as they journey through life together day by day. From funny skits of them being in a relationship together as lesbians to traveling around the world trying new foods and cultures — every video helps us better understand what it’s like to be part of this inspiring pair!

lgbtqcommunity Tiktok


This page is dedicated to all things LGBTQ+, making it a great resource for queer folks who just want to see themselves represented on the platform. This page features amazing skits about typical lesbian dating experiences as well as funny takes on coming-out stories (like when your parents aren’t totally sure what you mean by “queer”). The page also creates unique video content on topics like queer fashion trends, ways to fight homophobia & transphobia, and tips about being proud of yourself as a part of this community. Although this page is more educational than it is comedic, you’re guaranteed to have fun learning something new every day from @lgbtqcommunity._


@sapphic.love is another great one-stop shop when it comes to lesbian content – but this time with a bit more of a “thirst trap” vibe. This page engages fans with sexy videos between two girlfriends or partners doing everyday activities like cooking recipes or getting ready for bed together (very cute). Not only does this page show young lesbians how awesome it is to be able to express love in public without fear or shame – but these videos will have you thirsting over your own crush from afar during quarantine! In addition to their sapphic love posts, they also post hilarious skits that poke fun at common lesbian stereotypes (like being able to fix anything with duct tape) as well as advice about navigating relationships as a queer woman in today’s world.

Other Great Lesbian TikTokers You Should Check Out

If you’re looking for more fun lesbian TikTok pages to follow, here are some of our other favorites:

  • FunnyGirl (@fun_girl__) – this account is filled with quirky skits that are sure put make you laugh! From acting out drunk conversations with her girlfriend to life-sized toy cutouts in funny situations – she really has something for everyone here.
  • DreamTeam (@dreamteamgirls) – if you’re looking for couple goals then this romantic duo has exactly what you need! Every few days they create adorable videos showing us what life is like behind closed doors: art projects together after work, grilling delicious food outside together on the weekends…it’s enough cuteness overload if you ask us!
  • The Gay Girls Page (@thegaygirlspage)– here we have one of the most popular lesbian tiktokers around who always has something interesting up her sleeve! She does everything from giving relationship advice based on living experiences (including funny moments between her and her girlfriend!) By talking all about living out loud despite what anyone else thinks…she keeps us engaged with each post she publishes!

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Whether you’re looking for fun skits, romantic couple content, or educational videos about LGBTQ+ rights – there’s something for everyone when it comes to lesbian TikTok creators. These queer women have made a name for themselves on the platform by putting out hilarious and thought-provoking content that keeps fans coming back for more. We hope this list of popular lesbian tiktok creators helps you find your next favorite page to follow – and don’t forget to show them some love with likes, comments, and shares! After all, everyone deserves a place where they can express themselves authentically and without judgment – and we think these talented women provide us with just that.

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