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20 Lesbian YouTubers Making Waves on YouTube

Youtube is full of amazing talent, many of which happen to be lesbian YouTubers. From funny vloggers to makeup gurus, these women have made a name for themselves online and are showcasing their unique talents to the world. In this article, we will explore how lesbian YouTubers are using the platform to bring visibility to LGBTQIA+ issues, create a supportive community for others, and spread awareness about important topics like sexuality, gender identity and more.

The concept of the “lesbian YouTuber” may seem like an oxymoron at first glance but there’s actually an entire community that has emerged over the past few years thanks largely to YouTube’s potential for fostering inclusivity and acceptance. Lesbian YouTubers have used their channels as vehicles for connecting with audiences who share similar experiences or may benefit from hearing a different perspective on things related to LGBTQIA+ identity. Many of them also engage in honest conversations about their lives as queer women in order to break down preconceived notions or misconceptions people may have about homosexuality while simultaneously providing support and encouragement to those who need it most.

In addition to making content that is accessible and resonates with their followers, lesbian YouTubers have also taken on the responsibility of being role models for younger generations by creating videos about topics such as relationship advice, coming out stories, and more. Through hard work and dedication, they are able to spread positivity while educating viewers on complex topics in a digestible way – something that can be incredibly powerful when it comes to sparking conversation around sensitive matters like sex education or gender identity politics.

Rose Ellen Dix Youtube

Rose Ellen Dix

Rose Ellen Dix is an English vlogger who launched her channel in 2009 with her then-girlfriend Rosie Spaughton (we’ll get to her later). While the majority of their videos were about their daily lives as a married lesbian couple living together in Manchester, they also shared fun challenges and stories that served as an outlet for other lesbian couples looking for inspiration or solidarity. As time went on, however, they decided to discontinue Amber’s channel while continuing Rosie’s solo endeavor.
In 2013, she started dating Hannah Witton (more on her next), and together they created many popular series such as Story Time!, Drunk Kitchen and #RelationshipGoals. She also starred alongside Hannah in various videos where they discussed topics like depression, coming out and labeling themselves as lesbians. She currently focuses her channel solely on travel vlogs while continuing to follow the “one video per week” rule that Amber had first set out when starting it back in 2009.

Rosie Spaughton

Rosie Spaughton is perhaps one of the most popular names when it comes to lesbian YouTube channels today. Her channel consists of all kinds of content from reaction videos with Rose Ellen Dix (her ex-girlfriend) to music videos featuring covers by herself or fellow Youtuber Thea Chippendale. In addition to this, she also creates stories about her own personal experiences through topics like coming out and other queer identity-related subjects. Since launching her channel in 2009 alongside Amber’s Channel (now known simply as “Amber”), she has gained over 1 million subscribers and millions more views thanks to her funny yet always informative content; making it one of the most successful lesbian Youtube channels around today!

Hannah Witton Youtube

Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is another incredibly influential figure when it comes to lesbian YouTubers today; having gained popularity due largely to comedic sketches with her now ex-girlfriend Rose Ellen Dix (from Amber’s Channel). Afterward, she continued creating content ranging from advice regarding relationships & sex education to book reviews & mental health discussions under the title “Wittick Talks” before being picked up by both MTV UK & AOL for more quality work outside YouTube itself. On top of this, she also stars in various British TV shows such as Sex Education & The First Dates Hotel series (both are well worth watching!). Since 2014 she has amassed over 1 million subscribers thanks partially due collaborations with fellow YouTubers Grace F Victory & Ari Fitz which further pushed her to reach within the queer community at large!

Nowadays though she still makes daily life-type videos focusing on everything from traveling abroad with friends or discussing making queer art & films whereas before it was more centered around reacting/commenting on pop culture events or sharing makeup tutorials with makeup artist Kristina Lazzarino; really showing just how much she’s grown over these few years!

Stevie Boebi Youtube

Stevie Boebi

Stevie Boebi is one of the best lesbian YouTubers out there — her channel has amassed over 1 million subscribers since its launch in 2013. She offers a mix of entertainment featuring everything from funny sketches to travel vlogs to original songs. She gained popularity quickly due to her comedic brand, but she also delved into more serious topics like coming out as a teenager and struggling with depression.

Not only that, but Boebi also found love right there on her own channel! After being friends for almost 8 years (it all started when they met at VidCon 2011!), Stevie and fellow YouTuber Nicole Balch announced their relationship via video in May 2018. Their love story went viral, drawing attention from countless magazines and TV shows around the world. Few months after confirming their relationship, they launched a joint channel called Next Family Connected where they share daily life stories with their 1 million subscribers – all while finding challenges in between!

Ingrid Nilsen Youtube

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is another popular lesbian YouTuber who’s been making videos since 2009. Although she’s known mostly for her makeup tutorials — which helped her amass close to 5 million subscribers on Youtube — she also posts lifestyle advice vlogs covering topics such as self-care tips or how to land your dream job. Her honest approach towards LGBTQ people resonates deeply with many of her viewers and continues to help create an atmosphere of acceptance on the platform. As if that weren’t enough — she’s even written a book; “Make Your Mind Up: My Guide To Finding Your Own Beauty Confidence & Power.”

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Lilly Singh Youtube

Lilly Singh

Working within this same line of vision is Lilly Singh – known by most as Superwoman on YouTube. With over 14 million subscribers under her belt, it is safe to say that this Toronto native has been quite successful in producing content on YouTube for over eight years now through hilarious skits mixed with music covers or travel vlogs where she interviews fellow YouTubers around the world. Her work entertains people from all corners and ages because no matter what she does it always carries her signature style: mixing satire with real-world messages regarding important issues such as empowering women or speaking against cultural taboos. The Indian Canadian YouTuber has taken home multiple awards – including three Streamy awards – for videos like Girl Love focused on ending girl-on-girl hate or recreating iconic rap verses by Kanye West and Drake among others. Seeing as how Lilly’s subscriber count continues growing exponentially each year, we can expect a lot more original songs, comedy brands, personal confidence advice, etc coming from this talented artist anytime soon!

Kalyn Nicholson Youtube

Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson is one of the best lesbian YouTubers out there — her channel has gained over 2 million subscribers since it was launched in 2010. Her videos range from lifestyle advice vlogs covering topics such as self-care tips or how to land your dream job to comedic sketches featuring everything from funny sketches to travel vlogs to original songs. Not only that but she also frequently interviews fellow YouTubers about their daily life and stories which often leads to some pretty amazing conversations about watching trends, beauty tips or even just reflecting upon the world around us.

Another great thing about Kalyn’s channel is that it features many positive LGBTQ+ messages which resonate deeply with her audience and continue to help create an atmosphere of acceptance not just on Youtube but also in our digital age culture – as seen in her video “5 Tips For Coming Out As Gay & Lesbian” published last year.

Jackie Aina Youtube

Jackie Aina

Jacki Aina has been making videos since 2009 — when she started out by doing make-up tutorials — but beyond that, she’s quickly become a leader in the beauty industry; consistently educating young marginalized women within this space. She has close 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts all sorts of interesting inspiration depending on what issue she wishes to tackle next, such as challenging beauty standards, accepting natural skin color, speaking up against cultural taboos, etc. Having worked with major brands like Too Faced Cosmetics or Benefit Cosmetics, Aina definitely carries herself a lot of authority when it comes to discussing the power of beauty. Whether you’re LGBT+ or not, you can definitely find something worth watching from this talented artist!

Gaby Dunn Youtube

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is another popular lesbian YouTuber who’s been working on her own brand since 2016. Along with Allison Raskin, Gaby uploads weekly sketch comedy (often centered around queer themes ) every Tuesday as part of their show Just Between Us . Their hilarious take on navigating same-sex relationships has earned them well-deserved attention from Vanity Fair or The New York Times among others. However, if comedy isn’t really your thing – don’t worry; Gaby also produces personal podcasts featuring guests ranging from author Roxane Gay all the way through pop star Troye Sivan! On top of that, when signed off Just Between Us work; Gaby writes articles commenting upon topics such as online dating etiquette or being trans in a world full of stigma & judgmental opinions – so why don’t check some of her projects out right now? We bet you’ll find something worth watching regardless of what kind of person you are or what kind of music you prefer!

Ari Fitz Youtube

Ari Fitz

Ari Fitz is best known for her channel which features video challenges, comedy sketches, personal stories and other videos about her life as an “outsider”. Before creating her channel in 2015 she had worked as a model for nearly a decade before transitioning into creating content online. Her channel also includes reaction videos, vlogs from travel trips around the world and challenges with fellow YouTuber ElloSteph.

ElloSteph Youtube


ElloSteph’s been creating content since 2013 but only recently gained widespread fame when she started posting comedy brands and challenge videos with Ari Fitz on their “Fitz & Steph” channel in 2017. On both channels, ElloSteph reveals incredibly candid details about her personal life while finding time to feature other queer women-of-color in her videos giving visibility to different voices often overlooked by mainstream media.

Bria and Chrissy Youtube

Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy are one of the longest-running lesbian couples on Youtube. They began making videos in 2012 after realizing that there was very little representation or visibility for lesbians or LGBT people in general on the platform. Since then they have gone on to create over 900 different types of videos ranging from music covers to reaction videos to funny skits all while opening up about intimate parts of their relationship like pregnancy announcements and marriage proposals. Bria and Chrissy are without a doubt one of Youtube’s favorite lesbian couples!

The Gay Women Channel Youtube

The Gay Women Channel

The Gay Women Channel (GWC) is a Youtube channel looking to promote better understanding between the LGBTQ communities and mainstream society. It was founded in 2009 by Sue Penfold who wanted to provide an online platform for lesbians who often felt isolated and misunderstood due to their sexual orientation. On the channel viewers can expect challenge videos, music covers and even guest appearances from other famous LGBT personalities, creating an online network of allies for lesbians everywhere!

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TheLesbianExperience was created in 2017 by two best friends Joanna and Poppi, so they could share their interest in all things lesbian with their followers. Since then, they have quickly grown an audience of over one million subscribers due to their accessibility and inclusion of all types of lesbians within their content. Their videos range from educational pieces discussing topics such as ‘What is a Lipstick Lesbian?’ to hilarious comedy skits about living life as a lesbian couple!

Dannielle Owens-Reid

Dannielle Owens-Reid is best known for her work on the YouTube channels “It Gets Better” and her own personal channel which she started in 2011. She uses her platform to discuss issues facing members of the LGBTQ+ community while also providing fun reactions videos, unboxing videos and travel vlogs so that viewers can gain insight into her personal life. Her content has been praised for its focus on visibility for those who are often left out or forgotten within certain aspects of mainstream media making her one of our favorite queer Youtubers!

Kristen Ludwig

Kristen Ludwig is an American lesbian YouTuber who has been making videos since 2011. Her channel has accumulated over 600k subscribers. She posts a variety of content such as comedy skits she produces with her friends, challenge videos she takes on with other fellow YouTubers, as well as vlogs about her own life. What makes her stand out amongst other YouTube creators is that she doesn’t label herself a “lesbian YouTuber” or a “queer YouTuber”. Instead, she chooses to remain gender-neutral in her videos and encourages others to do the same. Kristen believes that everyone should strive to be inclusive and make their videos accessible to all viewers regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Sarah Croce Youtube

Sarah Croce

Sarah Croce is another American lesbian YouTuber who started making videos in 2015. Currently, she has over 500k subscribers on her main channel where she posts fashion advice for lesbians, beauty tips for queer women, travel footage from around the world and much more! She also runs an additional channel dedicated entirely to challenge videos where she does various funny pranks with other fellow YouTubers. Sarah often talks about LGBTQ rights in her videos by bringing attention to topics like discrimination towards queer people in society and encouraging her viewers to support the community whenever possible.

Jazzy Anne Youtube

Jazzy Anne

Jazzy Anne is a Canadian lesbian mom with two kids who started posting on YouTube in 2016. Since then her channel has grown exponentially reaching almost 300k subscribers! On her channel, you can find challenge videos where Jazzy pairs up with different fellow YouTubers or friends and family members to complete fun tasks while also sharing snippets from their everyday lives together. She even has a series devoted entirely to discussing parenting as a lesbian couple which includes useful advice on raising children while still having open conversations about sexuality within the family unit. Lastly, Jazzy also posts some amazing travel footage which gives viewers a glimpse into all the places that she visits throughout the year!

Kaelyn and Lucy

Kaelyn and Lucy are an American lesbian couple who started making videos together in 2011. Their channel currently has over 700k subscribers where they post comedy skits, challenge videos paired up with other fellow YouTubers, travel footage from around the world, vlogs about parenting as a lesbian couple and much more! What makes them unique is that they don’t label themselves as “lesbian YouTubers” or “queer YouTubers” but instead choose to remain gender-neutral in their videos. They believe that everyone should strive to be inclusive and make their videos accessible to all viewers regardless of gender or sexual orientation. What also sets them apart is the way their personal lives influence some of the topics discussed in their videos – whether it’s sharing stories about raising kids while still having open conversations about sexuality or advising viewers on LGBTQ-related struggles such as discrimination by society or lack thereof support from family members – Kaelyn and Lucy always make sure to bring attention to these issues through their work.

Riley J. Dennis Youtube

Riley J. Dennis

Riley J. Dennis is an American queer YouTuber who joined YouTube in 2016. She currently has over 200k subscribers on her main channel where she posts educational content surrounding topics such as feminism, social justice issues, LBGTQ rights advocacy, and religion/philosophy among many others! What sets her apart from other content creators is that she provides informative resources for viewers when discussing various topics she brings up during her videos which include links for further reading for her viewers if they want more information on specific subjects discussed throughout her channel. Riley often brings attention to LGBTQ-related struggles within society by addressing topics like discrimination towards queer people in day-to-day life or misinformation spread around via media outlets which can lead to self-doubt amongst minorities within the community – thereby encouraging viewers to practice self-love even when it seems difficult at times!

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The world of lesbian YouTubers is an incredibly inspiring and diverse one, full of creators using their platforms to create content on a huge range of topics. From beauty vlogs to gaming streams, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, these YouTubers are using the platform to spread awareness about LGBT issues and break down stereotypes about same-sex relationships.

Though much work remains in terms of normalizing same-sex relationships and creating a safe space for all LGBT people, it’s impossible not to feel inspired by how far we have come since the days when being openly lesbian was considered taboo. The impact that these YouTubers have had – and continue to have – on society cannot be understated and we can only hope that their stories will keep influencing the younger generations in years to come.

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